This field is my background of study, which make me decided to learn more about earth modelling. From here, I elaborate my research into practical actions.

The beginning

I start my expertise in Geoinformatics field since I enrolled in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering Department in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). I took my specific study field to Remote Sensing and GIS (KK-InSIG).

This was how it begun. With Prof. Ketut Wikantika and Dr. Anjar Dimara Sakti as the supervisors of my final project, I learnt the expansion of this field from only drawing an existing condition in map drawing, into a piece of strategic research that can bring good to the people.

What I learnt

I started to learn the modelling through the land-based activities which can be impacted to the water environment. I deeply learnt about Blue Carbon in my 3rd year, and improve the analysis in the whole coastline in Indonesia.

First Plastic Development: Data Approach to Researching on Plastic Waste in Indonesia

Here is the very first of conference publication about the plastic waste, which become the first stepping stone of this issue.