Waste Management

Waste Management


I take professional involvement in waste management field and initiated it with enrolling in Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability’s short course in TX, USA.

Learn from the Experts

It took me about 12 hours to flight in my very first time out of Asian continents to United States. I had a great opportunity to learn in ISWA-SWIS Summer School in Waste Management.

I learnt from Dr. Sahadat Hossain about his role in waste management in Texas State.

Pile of waste in Irving Landfill. (Self Documentation in USA).
Pile of waste in Irving Landfill. (Self Documentation in USA).

Aligning the Story in Plastic Waste Issue

I have involved in Promotion of Countermeasures against Marine Plastic Litter in Southeast Asia and India (CounterMEASURE) project as the Spatial Analyst under the Geoinformatics Center.

In here, I had responsible in managing the scenario model approach of plastic waste leakage input to the waterway.

⬇️ After understanding the waste management and data processing in spatial context, the StoryMap below here depicts the pitch idea how I made it with GIC team.